5 Platelet biology

In this section you will learn more about platelets and their role in health and disease. Hemostasis will be covered in more depth in the next assignment, so don’t worry if you don’t grasp all concepts yet.

5.1 Readings

  1. Michelson
  • p. 3, The mammalian platelet… until …maintenance of hemostasis but are also inflammatory cells
  • p. 27, Megakaryocytes are highly specialized… until …beaded cytoplasmic extensions called proplatelets. and study Figure 2-4 on p. 31
  1. Robbins
  • p. 117, study Figure 4-4 panel B
  • read the text on the left side of the same page concerning Platelets, ending on the next page at Coagulation Cascade

5.2 Exercises

  • Look up the reference range for platelet count, and compare it to your laboratory protocols
  • Google thrombopoietin (TPO) and find out what it’s effect is on megakaryocytes