3 Introducing immune thrombocytopenia

In this reading assignment you will get acquainted with the current definition and understading of ITP pathophysiology.

3.1 Readings

  1. Stasi R, Newland A.C. ITP: A historical perspective. Br J Haematol (2011) 153:437-450.
  • Read the abstract and introduction
  • Read The discovery of platelets and their link with ITP, from The term ‘platelets’… to that platelets were fragments of megakaryocytes (Wright, 1906).
  • The section Evolving concepts in the pathophysiology of ITP, starting from the Harrington–Hollingsworth experiment, to the end
  1. In Michelson
  • page 819-822, covering parts I to III

3.2 Exercises

  • Make a brief scheme for yourself explaining the Harrington experiment - how many patients and blood recepients were invovled? What was the background of the recepients?
  • How would the meaning of the experiment change if patients with ITP also had been transfused with platelets, or had been pregnant before?
  • In the Harrington experiment, what was the percentage of transfused blood or plasma in relationship to the total blood or plasma volume of a recepient?