2 Open Science Writing Assignment

The purpose of this exercise is to learn about current developments in the way science is being practiced. The name of the exercise hints to the Open science movement, which aims to give a broader audience access to research. However, we will also briefly explore a current reproducibility movement and good scientific practices.

This exercise is also meant to make you familiar with writing a scientific document, getting access to peer-reviewed articles, and using citation software. This will come in useful when you write your final project report.

Don’t read too much - the main goal here is to form a conceptual idea, bring it down to paper, and show that you can use a citation software.

2.1 Expected result

  • Two A4 page essay, structured references (at least 3) should be given in Vancouver style on a third page
  • Give your own opinion and a considered argumentation about the following question: should scientific data be shared publicly with publication? Consider the benefits of sharing data and possible negative or unintended effects.
  • Close the essay with a conclusion and describe how to practice in the future

2.2 Reading / starting points

  • Find out what the mission of the journal PLOS is in regard to publishing openly
  • Get an overview of what Open access means
  • Check the website of the Center for Open Science
  • Read Bohannon J. Many psychology papers fail replication test. Science (2015); 349(6251).
  • Read Warren E. Strengthening Research through Data Sharing. NEJM (2016); 375.

2.3 Reference Management

Use a reference management program like Zotero or Mendley to make your reference list. If you don’t have one yet you can check the website from York University discussing the two. If your institution has already supplied you with another program (e.g. Endnote or Papers) you are of course free to use this.