4 Antibody effector functions

In this section you will learn how antibodies initiate pathways that lead to the destruction of opsonized cells, which are collectively called effector functions.

4.1 Readings

  1. Vidarsson G, Dekkers G, Rispens T. IgG subclasses and allotypes: from structure to effector functions. Front Immunol (2014) 5.
  • Read the abstract and introduction, and IgG ANTIBODY RESPONSES until by other lymphocytes and antigen-presenting cells.
  • Read in EFFECTOR MECHANISMS the C1q section until causing disruption of the targeted bilipid membrane, and the Fcγ-receptors section until FcγRI.
  1. Study the following figure in detail

4.2 Exercises

  • Make a schematic drawing of an antibody opsonized cell and the cellular and molecular effector functions that an antibody can activate.
  • What are the specific differences in effector functions between IgG and IgM antibodies? Why do you think are they different?